Six recipes to make Christmas that little bit different

Christmas is coming and it’s nearing the time for the turkey and tinsel, but aren’t we all getting a little bored of the traditional fare?

This year Neff have taken things one step further with their ‘No Rules Christmas’ campaign, offering a whole range of alternative festive dinner ideas. Check out Neff’s selection of delicious recipes below!

1. Wild Mushroom Arancini

You’ll certainly need finger food and this Wild Mushroom Arancini starter is perfect to get the ball rolling. Most of the ingredients you probably already have somewhere in the kitchen, including the wine!

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2, Bavarian Dumplings (Known as Semmelknödel)

You can't beat Bavarian dumplings and this German favourite is especially designed to keep you warm and provides the perfect opportunity to use some of your leftovers. Serve with a delicious mushroom sauce that is quick and easy to make.

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3, Jerk Spiced Turkey Breast Roll (With Stuffing)

Want your turkey to pack a punch this year? Spice up your life through this jerk spiced turkey breast roll, with Sorrel sauce. Christmas dining need never be dull again.

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4, Indian Masala Roast Turkey (With Spiced Trimmings, Makhani Gravy and a Mango and Cranberry Chutney)

You’re certainly not alone if you’ve cooked far too much roast turkey on the big day. We’ve all heard of a Boxing Day curry, but this Indian Masala is sensational. You'll find how to make all of the accompaniments here.

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5, Beef Wellington

Who said that you can’t have beef at Christmas? Not everyone likes turkey you know. This Wellington, cooked to perfection, would certainly make for a happy household.

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6, Modern Version of Grandma’s Classic Nut Roast

It’s important to look after all your guests' food preferences and this classic nut roast is ideal for vegetarians.

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Whatever you’ve got on the menu for Christmas, our fantastic range of Neff appliances will make any task quick and easy.


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