The benefits of Neff's integrated appliances

Keeping your ingredients in good order and maintaining a tidy kitchen is just as important as cooking in a busy household.

Neff, as a major manufacturer, know and appreciate this and have designed integrated appliances that can make life easier for any budding chef.

These include water-efficient dishwashers that get tough on stains, while still caring for delicate crockery, and refrigeration systems that keep food fresher for longer.

There's a wealth of functions and features contained in these products, all discreetly hidden as they blend into a fitted kitchen.

Neff regularly implement campaigns to promote the quality of these goods and their 'Behind the Door' initiative is no different.

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Their dishwashers have a programme for all occasions, so you can count on glistening results after every meal time. See the models that we sell here.

A vast range of cooling appliances are also available that can fit into any kitchen including refrigerators, fridge freezers and chiller units.

You'll find smart technology that provides the perfect environment for seasonal ingredients and a FreshSafe system keeps them at their best for longer. See the models that we sell here.

So that's the cleaning and storage sorted, what you'll need now are further tools to work with and that's where Neff's unique Slide and Hide built-in ovens come in.

Several culinary creations are made possible at once by the oven with the disappearing door, which actually disappears into itself.

Thanks to a clever sliding door mechanism, it neatly tucks beneath the oven, so you can get inside without having to reach over hot glass.

The handle to the oven door rotates towards you in a circular motion, for quick and easy access even when it's tucked away.

The CircoTherm fan system allows you to cook, roast and bake on all level, at the same time, without the different flavours getting tangled together.

It's essentially a power boost function, so you can speed up the process whenever you want. Then there's CircoTherm intensive.

That uses a combination of standard CircoTherm, a unique system of forced air cooking, and base heat that produces a crispy underside to all dishes.

Fanned grilling, true fan or fan-assisted options ensure that every inch of your ingredients is cooked thoroughly and can work in a similar way to conventional methods.

Heating the top of the oven alone can create a less fierce effect when grilling, which is particularly effective for searing meat and fish.

The true fan process uses warms the air generated for balanced cooking on both shelves, without the two inter-mingling.

The fan-assisted approach operates when the top and bottom only gets hot - much like the conventional method - to blow the heat around the cavity.

Cleaning the oven used to be a chore, but Easy Clean enamel makes that a thing of the past with its special coating that traps food residue.

Ceramic spheres are layered onto the interior walls, which break down the grease particles that emanate as you cook.

All that's needed is a simple wipe down and the oven will be looking as good as new, but tasty meals are the oven's speciality.

Neff's N50 models also feature a meat probe, a handy tool to make preparing the likes of succulent steaks so much easier.

Simply insert the device into your food and monitor the heat, through the digital display, until your food is perfectly succulent.

You can't go wrong with Neff's integrated appliances and we stock a large supply of them at Marks Electrical. Browse and shop for them here.


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