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The Best Gaming TVs of 2021

For the first time in history, games are driving the TV agenda – making 2021, and the years to follow, the most exciting time for new TV launches.

Big-screen gaming is gaining popularity and many manufacturers are now creating TVs with gaming at the forefront of their focus.

Many models are now kitted out with game-enhancing modes and low input lag for the optimal gaming experience. Previously, TVs were designed for movie nights, sports fans, and watching plain old TV, but many brands are now making TVs specifically for gaming - oh and the occasional Netflix night of course.

What Makes a Good Gaming TV?

Gaming has gone from strength to strength in recent years, so televisions have needed to follow. Avid gamers know the importance of a good console, good controller and of course, a good TV. Without these components, gamers are destined to fail.

Numerous TVs now have ultra-sharp 4K picture quality with multiple features that make them perfect for gaming. But what features should you look out for when shopping for the best gaming TVs?

We recommend keeping your eye out for:

  • Low Input Lag,
  • Game Enhancer Mode,
  • Reduced Motion Blur,
  • Faster Refresh Rates,
  • Fantastic audio elements such as Adaptive Sound or Dolby Atmos.

Input lag is a huge deal in the gaming world as it can often be the deciding factor as to whether you win or lose. So, what input lag is best for gaming? Well, typically we recommend anything below 25ms, as anything higher can input gaming, especially during high-intensity moments.

A TVs refresh rate is how many times a screen refreshes itself every second. This is key for motion handling as a higher refresh rate leads to smoother motion and is written out as Hertz (Hz). A 60Hz refresh rate means the screen is refreshing itself every 60 seconds and a 120Hz refresh rate means it’s refreshing itself every 120 seconds. Refresh rate affects motion handling, and both 60Hz and 120Hz have their perks. However, 120Hz often offers the smoothest picture with reduced motion blur, but 60Hz is perfectly fine too.

The Best Gaming TVs

Best Gaming TV on a budget: Samsung 70” TU7100

Samsung TU7100 UE70TU7100KXXU 70" LED 4K Smart Television

Coming in hot is the Samsung TU7100 UE70TU7100KXXU 70" LED 4K Smart Television. This budget-friendly TV is one of the lower-priced models, but despite the low price, quality is guaranteed.

Samsung has kitted this TV out with a crystal-clear display so you can clearly see every event in your game. Game enhancer mode allows you to stay ahead of the competition with picture and sound that can adapt as fast as you game and reduce input lag by up to 80%.

Even though this model comes in at a low price compared to other models, Samsung has delivered on quality. Granted your home has space for a 70” TV, this is a fantastic choice to take your gaming to the next level even on a budget.

Best Big Screen Gaming TV: Samsung 85” Q60T

Q60T QE85Q60TAUXXU 85" QLED 4K Smart Television

When it comes to big-screen gaming, you want to make sure that the resolution and input lag are top-notch. The Samsung Q60T QE85Q60TAUXXU 85" QLED 4K Smart Television is the ideal choice, especially with its ground-breaking 85” screen.

Boasting QLED 4K quality, richer colours and bolder contrasts are all yours. Quantum HDR is powered by HDR10+, so you can see whoever is lurking in the shadows without missing a single second. The QLED technology is certified to deliver 100% colour volume without degradation over time.

Our Top Choice: Sony 75” XH9005

Sony XH9005 Series KD-75XH9005 Bravia 75" Full Array LED 4K Smart TV

When we put everything into consideration, our top choice would be the Sony XH9005 Series KD-75XH9005 Bravia 75" Full Array LED 4K Smart TV.

This incredible TV boasts a fantastic 75” screen size with 4K UHD resolution and a triluminos display. Offering 4 HDMI inputs; all suitable for gaming consoles, this TV can be paired with a range of devices for the optimal experience.

The real show-stopping feature is the incredibly low 7.2ms input lag. This is by far the biggest factor for most hardcore gamers.

To keep it simple, input lag is the measured time between the press of a button on your controller to the corresponding in-game action displayed on the screen. If the input lag is too high, then it can create a huge disadvantage during multiplayer gaming. We highly recommend anything under 25ms, making this Sony 4K smart TV a great option.

There are many incredible TVs out there, all offering different features and perks. But, you need to add up the pros and cons and work out which model is best for you and your needs. We have plenty of TVs to choose from here at Marks Electrical, as well as a dedicated guide that has many of the best gaming TVs currently available on the market.

Don’t hesitate to give our customers services department a call if you require any assistance. You can reach us by calling us on 0116 2 514 513.


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