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The Self-Cleaning Dream: Zanussi ZOP37962XA Pyrolytic Oven Review

Entertaining at home is becoming an increasingly prevalent affair. With the likes of Nigella and Mary Berry making a domestic deity of us all, we’re getting ever more adventurous with our cooking efforts. Whether it’s a (relatively) well-behaved weeknight dinner or a Sunday feast for the family, we’re all determined to summon our inner Delia and knock the socks off friends and discerning relatives alike. All good stuff, until you come to the dreaded clean-up operation. We put Zanussi’s ZOP37962XA pyrolytic self-cleaning oven – set to be a very tempting price this Black Friday – through its paces.

Clean Eating

We’ll cut to the chase; Zanussi’s pyrolytic function is a dream come true. We admit that we didn’t use the oven for a month à la family living before giving it a go but we did endeavour to sufficiently grub it up for a proper test. Firstly, how it works: after selecting the self-clean cycle with the right hand retractable dial (we’ll get to the superb exterior design later), the oven will be heated to around 480°C, reducing residue, food deposits and crumbs to a mere layer of ash that can be promptly wiped away with a damp cloth. Genuinely, it’s that simple.

There are, however, a couple of points to bear in mind when using the Pyrolytic function. We strongly advise taking any oven shelves, pans and trays out – most will be nowhere near robust enough to hold their own against such high temperatures – and we also suggest thoroughly cleaning the oven door beforehand; glass is porous and likely to trap grease spots, burning in an annoying mark that no amount of scrubbing can lift. And, of course, common sense should always be exercised – a large puddle of grease combined with 400°C+ temperatures is liable to set fire to your kitchen. The bright side: your oven will be really, really clean.

No-Fuss Food

Aside from its leading feature, we found the ZOP37962XA to be a well-rounded pleasure to use. Fan-assisted electric heating creates a perfectly even cooking environment just begging to help you nail that tricky batch bake while the 79l capacity is incredibly generous for a single oven. Automatic temperature regulation keeps your chosen heat level precise and constant (perfect for all you nervous door-openers out there) and a range of 9 thoughtful functions has been designed with all cooking abilities in mind. The pizza setting produces delightfully light, crisp pizzas, offering a restaurant-worthy alternative to stodgy takeaway without having to leave the house, while the meat cooking option combines the full grill and bottom heat elements to achieve a triumphantly succulent roast.

Affordable Luxury

Convenience is key in our relentless modern age and, once again, Zanussi doesn’t disappoint. The whole oven is impressively adaptive. Five different shelf levels give you full flexibility depending on your food and the size of the rabble you’re feeding. The infinitely handy Set & Go feature lets you programme the oven to switch off after a determined amount of time, letting you pop out or multitask around the home (or actually relax for a bit) without a worry, while a combination of safety features, including an electronic child lock and residual heat indicator, keeps the whole unit family-friendly. As well as a self-cleaning function, this oven also has an automatic cleaning reminder; not only does it save you from the perils of exerting some elbow grease, it lets you know when to set it to work in your stead. Genius.

Good-Looking Cooking

As mentioned previously, the ZOP37962XA’s design was also a big plus for us. Sturdy clean lines, stainless steel and that statement bowed handle make for a remarkably minimalist, but nonetheless handsome, appliance. It is, however, far from just a pretty face. An anti-fingerprint coating saves constant, habitual wiping and clever retractable dials ensure a hygienic, enviably streamlined cooking space - great for combatting small, sticky hands searching for a shiny surface to spoil.

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We love it. What surprises us most is, bizarrely, the price tag. How much, you say? A mere £332.99 RR, and that’s set to drop dramatically over Black Friday - we couldn’t quite believe it either. The ZOP37962XA is a solid, beautiful home appliance that feels satisfying to use, cleans itself, is more than affordable and makes a cracking pizza. What more is there to want in an oven?

If we’ve piqued your interest, shop Zanussi’s ZOP37962XA pyrolytic oven here.


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